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Individuals are scared of skydiving generally since There are tons of myths relevant to it in the popular culture. These several inaccuracies that have been propagated are the most significant reason behind skydiving concern. Allow me to share four of those myths combined with the true explanation.

Fantasy one: For the duration of totally free drop you are able to’t breathe

Simple fact: Respiration during totally free tumble is possible, contrary to the best way persons usually Assume. If respiratory wouldn’t be feasible the skydiver wouldn’t manage to open the parachute since they could be unconscious.

Fantasy 2:A discussion is often held in the course of no cost slide.

Simple fact: This might be doable in films however it is strictly Hollywood. The truth is even though absolutely free falling you can’t hear anything since the wind screaming as a result of your ears is too loud. Seeking to possess a discussion in that 스포츠중계 problems is difficult.

Myth three: Holding on to an individual that has a parachute is achievable, in case you don’t have a person yourself.

Point: That is indeed a Motion picture miracle and is also ninety nine% probable not to occur. This type of stunts have already been pulled off but once more that is almost impossible and that is as a result of forces which have been at do the job once the parachute opens.


Myth 4: It is possible to free of charge tumble for five minutes

Truth: The cruise height of the plane is at about 10,000 – twelve,000 toes and Meaning about forty seconds of cost-free slide prior to opening the parachute. A five minutes fall needs a top of about 60,000 feet and you also would need added oxygen.

Myth 5: My parachute won't open up

Reality: There are many of all-natural fears about your parachute failing to open up but this continues to be take care of with all contemporary스포츠중계 parachutes due to the fact they are now fitted with a tool that will deploy the parachute instantly in case you fall short to do this oneself. The machine is named Automated Activation System, or AAD.

The commonest explanations for skydiving deaths and accidents, and that is 92%, are issues in judgement and treatment. Consequently if you are well geared up for that jump and do all the things appropriate for time it's going to take to obtain to the ground Then you really’ll love 60 seconds of exhilarating no cost tumble and live to inform the tale.